About Us

rema.germany – High level engineering.

The Beginning

APS GmbH was founded in 2005 in Hochmoor (North Rhine-Westphalia), close to the Dutch border. The abbreviation APS stands for Automotive Product Solutions. Our name is our program: since its successful beginning APS has been a competent partner in the sector of heavy duty vehicles and passenger cars. With its first-class remanufactured parts APS offers a great alternative to new (OE-Parts) or used parts.

The Way 

At the beginning the company concentrated on the German market, providing solutions only for commercial vehicles under the brand “NKW-Austauschteile”. This proved to be highly successful. Step by step the company expanded outside the borders of Germany into other European markets like France, the Benelux States, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic States. 

APS grew more and more and relocated the headquarter to Gescher in 2009 in order to meet the high expectations of the European market in any regards - quantity and quality. It was time for a second big step of business: with its brand “rema [tronic]” the company extended the product range and also offered remanufactured parts for passenger cars. 

The New Image: rema[tronic] turns into rema[car]

The brand “NKW-Austauschteile” was changed to rema[truck] in 2012 in order to keep the international orientation in the sector of commercial vehicles. For the sake of consistency and conformity the brand rema[tronic] changed to rema[car].

rema[truck] & rema[car]: two strong brands with one aim

APS continues this way and offers high-quality remanufactured parts - for both commercial vehicles and passenger cars - and expands continuously its product range. According to the maxime "remanufactured parts are like new parts" APS guarantees its customers the highest quality for a great cost-performance ratio. Now and in the future.

New name, same quality

In 2016 the two brands rema[truck] and rema[car] changed to one brand which is rema.germany. Herewith we want to emphasize our service and capacity – remanufactured parts for all segments: not only Truck and Car but also Trailer, Bus and Transporter. Everything else stays the same – same contact persons, same service. Our customers still count on us – from now on as rema.germany. Exchange is easy for us, even our name.