Deposit System

The Deposit System with reman parts

The Deposit System of remanufactured parts

Your old part- is the basis for the remanufacturing process and the bedrock of our company.

We use your old part - so called old core- and remanufacture it according to OE standards and more. This process does not only ensure a high level of quality but also protects our environment. Additionally, we are able to offer reman parts to lower prices compared to new parts. This is because of the fact that some parts of the original part can be used a second time, such as the housing.


The process only works by means of the old core deposit

We indicate the amount of the deposit, for every reman part, within our webshop and on every offer, order confirmation and invoice. The amount will be part of your invoice and has to be paid when the invoice is due. On receipt of your old core, at our warehouse, we will examine the core and will credit you the deposit amount. This old core deposit is part of the European Regulation for waste prevention: the buyer should be given a higher incentive to bring back the defect old core into the recycling system and to save ressources by doing so.

Old core criteria 

Your old core has to meet our old core criteria in order to be accepted.

All our shipments contain a written overview of the relevant old core criteria for the ordered product you received. Additionally, you are able to download the relevant old core criteria from the detailed product description page in our web shop.

Please note, in order to download those criteria you need to have a valid account and you need to to be logged in..

Your old core return is free of charge

Until a weight of 70kg we will attach the retour label from UPS to your ordered reman part. You can use this label for returning the old core. Please stick it on the package and contact UPS for collection. If the old core weighs more than 70kg you either call us under the telephone number +49 25 42 9555 111 or write an e-mail to Furthermore you can register your old core return via online form. We will take care of the collection which is free of charge for you.